Mark Knipfer

Total raised for 2017 ATL Champions League: $1,120 / $2,000 Lifetime funds raised for Soccer In The Streets - $1,120
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Why I Support Soccer In The Streets

-because I believe in the power and value of what Soccer in the Streets is doing -because the mission and impact of Soccer in the Streets is so closely aligned with the Faction, a non-profit I co-founded (http://www.thefactionatl.com/), and the Fugees Academy, an amazing wrap-around school and program in Clarkston, GA that also works directly with underserved youth (http://www.fugeesfamily.org/educationfugees-academy)

Recent Donations

Name Amount Message
Bria and Mark Simpson $50
Kaplan Family $20
Stephanie and Tom Seymour $250 Hope it went well!
Michael Sims $50
Brenda and Lee Knipfer $100 Good Luck Mark!
Myself $100 Can't rightly ask others to donate if I don't make a contribution myself:)
The Faction $100 We wish you many ibuprofens for Sunday's ailments
Krista Sims $25
Harrells $40
Chris and Stacey $50 Go Mark!