Bill Ford

Lifetime funds raised for Soccer In The Streets - $13,920

Why I Support Soccer In The Streets

We work with young people who are on the margins of society, attending low performing schools, from low income and broken homes, in high crime and high unemployment areas. Through our programs we inspire them to take the right path in life, and to believe in the opportunities available to them when they do so. It's an amazing organization, creating amazing results.

Recent Donations

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Sudhir A Padhye $50 Good luck!
Warehouse $50
Morticia $100 $150,000 or bust
Dustin Ramsey $100
Sebastiano Mura $50 Love from Barcelona Matey!
Adam $25
Welles Snyder (GA Blues) $20 Keep The Ford Flag Flying High! Up The Bill!
Arwen Sweeney $65
Chris Butler $100 Now I'll be eating beans-n-toast for a month.
Adam Houtman $500 Wish we could be there with you. Peace and love xoxo The Houtman tribe