Hemal Patel

Total raised for 2017 ATL Champions League: $825 / $5,000 Lifetime funds raised for Soccer In The Streets - $8,103
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Why I Support Soccer In The Streets

I have supported Soccer in the Streets for the last 7 years. I began working with the kids in East point, College park and Hapeville where I was a teacher at Tricities high school. I learned about the struggle and heartache under priveledged children go through. Soccer was the only positive influence for these kids and they were so passionate for it. I worked with some of the most amazing young people I have ever come across and I was able to help them make it through to improve their quality of life. I had one student go on to receive a full scholarship for soccer and he graduated two Years ago! All of this was made to be possible because of the hard work and commitment that he put in and the support he received from his friends and family. That is the power of the world's game! I was fortunate to have positive influences in my life that helped me get through challenging times and that is why I support the SITS family. I've also supported the refugees in the Clarkston School of life program. This group amazed me beyond my imagination. I never thought that so many talented soccer players could emerge from this area and I was absolutely stunned. Historically Clarkston has been home to hundreds of refugees from all over the world. My involvement started when I stepped in for a long time SITS coach and friend named Loz Dunn who used to coach these kids. He needed to spend more time with his wife and "mum to be" at the time and he asked me to cover his teams. I was shocked to find some of the best soccer players I have seen that ranged from all ages. I supported them and helped them reach their goals. That group has gone on to do great things such as win cross country state championships, full scholarships to UGA, representing ATL UTD! and I'm Sure there will be more success stories written very soon. I appreciate all my friends and family who have donated over the years and all your efforts have contributed to the rapid growth of the programs. I will need your help once again to try and exceed my donation goals for the year. This years event is being held at our very own ATL utd training ground. It's amazing that we will get a chance to see the state of the art venue that is home to our professional soccer team! It is always a great day out and fun for all ages so being hosted by ATL utd will make it extra special! Please come out and support!

Recent Donations

Name Amount Message
The Henns $50
Paul Raio $50 $50 is all I can do for someone on the IR....
The Richie Family $50
Caroline Fohlin and John Latting $100
EG Dunn and Family $25 Wonderful!
Anilkumar Patel $25
Sudhir A Padhye $50 Good luck!
Joe $100
Carmen $100 Do not re-injure that knee!
The Shumans $50