Karen McKenzie

Total raised for 2017 ATL Champions League: $565 / $500 Lifetime funds raised for Soccer In The Streets - $2,265
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Why I Support Soccer In The Streets

Soccer in the Streets empowers underprivileged kids through soccer to become independent adults. This is a wonderful way to support a sport I love and Atlanta youth. Every little bit helps!

Recent Donations

Name Amount Message
Kelly $25
Lisa Jewell Kendall $40 I saw you needed $35 more to get to your goal, so here you go!
Jayson Janowski $35 Happy to get you to your goal.
Scarlett Rosier $50
Lauren Castro $15 <3
Mike H $100
Peggy and Craig Pickering $100 This is awesome!
Susan, Laura and Claire $50
Christine $10
Black Widow's BFF $15