Michael Bell

Lifetime funds raised for Soccer In The Streets - $1,515

Why I Support Soccer In The Streets

I discovered this organization via my dear friend Brian O'Neill, who has tirelessly fought to use his energy to benefit others in need. This is my second year being a part of the team that will go play in a ridiculous soccer game for money to "do the right thing"! I would humbly appreciate your support of any amount to help Soccer in the Streets grow to support more young children in need. Please get on board - you made it this far!!! Feel free to reach out and learn more about the event if you are in Atlanta! Best Mike

Recent Donations

Name Amount Message
Daphne Gaudet $100 BOOM!! Right back attaché!!
John and Melinda Kauffman $110
Richard A. Smith $75
Andrea & Jim $25 Glad to hear you're still kicking!
Aiden Holdefehr $50 Go Uncle Mike !
Anonymous $350
John Rambo $50 Lace 'em tight...
El Capitano $100 Just kick the ball dammit!
Karen $100 I believe in you and Soccer!
Brad & Cathy Green $50 Great Cause. Have fun !