Nicola Vidali

Total raised for 2017 ATL Champions League: $620 / $500 Lifetime funds raised for Soccer In The Streets - $3,585
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Why I Support Soccer In The Streets

because I am in tune with SIS philosophy

Recent Donations

Name Amount Message
Elena Salerno $50
Alessio Toniolo and Mama Ricci $10 forzaaaaa niC!
Luca d.B. $50
Luca $20 Grazie Nic!!
Dan Reuter $10
Filiberto C. $30
Spitulniks of NorCal $100 Thank you for your incredible passion for this amazing and important program!
Ivo $50 let's get going :-)
the Foahs $50 Forza Nicola . . . (e Napoli) :)
Caroline Fohlin and John Latting $100