Matt Spoon

Total raised for 2017 ATL Champions League: $185 / $150 Lifetime funds raised for Soccer In The Streets - $340
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Why I Support Soccer In The Streets

There are no lessons more powerful than those taught by the beautiful game. At times life can be hectic, but the game remains constant. I learned so much about life through my involvement with the game that it is my obligation and privilege to give back in any way possible. Joga Bonito!!

Recent Donations

Name Amount Message
Benny $10 Go Uncle Matty go
Patrick & Kayla Boyd $25 Dirty Bird! http://www.ajc.com/sports/football/raise-the-roof-falcons-fans-how-the-dirty-bird/XDcqwRwj6iHPfUCssgWMsI/amp.html#amph=1
Atikah $40 Supporting those who possess the gift of foot to eye coordination :)
Mom and dad $25
Rob Walsh $50 The student is now the teacher. Cheers bro!
KYLE E LEHMAN $25 #SaltBae
Volker $10 For that fitful kicking career, that one goal I made in freshman IM soccer, and second place in the Weltmeisterschaft pool.
Benny $15
P-Dub $20 These kids gon learn today. ¡Hala Madrid!
The Picks $20 Go get em boi!