Daryl Lu

Total raised for 2017 ATL Champions League: $190 / $125 Lifetime funds raised for Soccer In The Streets - $190
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Why I Support Soccer In The Streets

Not many people know I was actually cut from the varsity soccer team both junior and senior years in high school. I remember the day I found out my junior year. I walked into the locker room up to the list. Other players were gathered around, and my friends made it, and they dispersed. They knew my name was not on the list. When I didn't see my name, it crushed me. Soccer was my life. I practiced everyday -- rain or shine. I walked through the hallways that day on the verge of tears. I felt embarrassed, sure. However, it was the pain of failing. I went to the park that afternoon and played soccer alone. I did that almost everyday to next year's tryouts. I worked hard. I played my heart out in club ball. I played with the guys who did make the team. I pushed myself. I dropped out of orchestra to concentrate. I went to every after-school workout just like my junior year. But like the year prior, I was cut again my senior year. It wasn't as devastating that first year. However, I loved the game. So I went back out to the park, and I played alone. I played every day. I found out Georgia Tech (where I was going for undergrad) had a club team. So I went out there during the summer to play. I worked hard every day. That freshman year, I made it to GT's club team. To this day, I've played on a number of other teams through small-sided games, through Tech, post-Tech... I've won championships. I've won trophies. My best friends have come from my playing days from Tech and beyond. I wouldn't be where I am today, or who I am today without soccer growing up. Soccer has taught me the pains of heart-breaking losses, being cut from high school soccer, the emotional tolls of injuries. Through it all, my passion has not diminished. I love the game more. I've learned how dedicated I can be to reach for the things I care about. I've gained my most influential friendships. Soccer has taught me how to play as a team... to lead from the back, from the front, and from the middle. I want to raise money for Soccer In The Streets so kids have the opportunities to be kids... to live life... to achieve more. Let's raise some money. Let's raise some kids. Let's raise the power of the Beautiful Game.

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