Ryann Davie

Total raised for 2017 ATL Champions League: $466 / $125 Lifetime funds raised for Soccer In The Streets - $466
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Why I Support Soccer In The Streets

I am so fortunate for all the opportunities the sport of soccer has presented to me. Soccer in the Streets gives me a chance to give back to my community simply by playing the sport I love. Please help sponsor me on May 21st by donating to Soccer in the Streets. One last soccer endeavor before I head off to medical school!

Recent Donations

Name Amount Message
R. Davie $50
Andrea Richard $15 PS4L :)
Jordyn & Elish $40
Mindy, John, Brody, Adonis $36 ­čĺ×Thank YOU Ryann! MAZOL TOV = GOOD LUCK!
Kat Blake $20 #lazerlove
Mama Rhonda $25
Calvin and Rhonda Talton $20 Congratulations Ryann on all your success. Good luck in the game. We are proudly anticipating your entry into med school. Love you Calvin and Rhonda
June seiler $100
Achijah Zachijah Berry $30 <3
Cheryl Outlaw $25 Keep on giving back Dr. Rye-Ann! You remind us to remember the next generation of greatness!